Swarovski Cigar
Swarovski Cigar
Swarovski Cigar
Swarovski Cigar

The World’s First Cigars with Swarovski Crystals!




Davidoff signs on Royal Danish Cigars

The prestigious Oettinger Davidoff Group becomes the official distributor of Royal Danish Cigars in Switzerland.  The focus will be on the exclusive short torpedo QUEENS #1 with 24 karat Gold & Swarovski crystals. Each cigar is personally crafted by owner Jan von Vistisen and very limited.  Royal Danish Cigars is sold from Davidoff stores and luxury cigar lounges throughout Switzerland and is also on its way to other high-end tobacco retailers around the world.


Swarovski CigarSmoke Like a King is beautiful, unique and innovative cigar art

“Smoke Like a King – My beautiful cigar art is unique and innovative to the worldwide luxury cigar market and have created instant demand from Dubai, Moscow and New York” says Jan von Vistisen. Royal Danish Cigars is based on the original 200-year old aristocratic formula from the time when the Danish West Indies (today US Virgin Islands) were part of the Kingdom of Denmark for 250 years and the King’s ships brought back tobacco from the Caribbean to the Royalty. The Regal Blend – QUEENS #1 was Rated 91 on the front-cover of Cigar Journal, July 2014. Davidoff will carry the full line including Royal Twister which won best flavor in Cigar Clan, Germany January, 2014. Royal Danish Cigars will be at stand number B14 in Hall 4 at the 2014 InterTabak show in Dortmund from September 19-21. For further information and contact details visit:



King FrederickThe Danish King Frederik VI granted permission to the first cigar to be rolled in Copenhagen in 1813

The Danes have a long history of smoking and growing tobacco. It dates back more than 300 years and peaked in 1964 with 1.1 billion consumed cigar products being the world’s largest consumption per inhabitant. The tobacco industry first saw light in 1665 when the Danish King Frederik III granted the permission to a Mr. Marcus Selche who had learned the art of spinning tobacco abroad and as the smoking of tobacco became very popular there was a 100 years later more than 30 tobacco spinners in the capital of Copenhagen. In the 16th century, tobacco was cultivated in Denmark. One of the reason for this was it was costly to import tobacco from overseas and this made the green leaves very precious. Tobacco was purchased in large quantities and had to be matured for two to three years at a cool temperature before being processed into tobacco. For instance, on Færch Tobacco Factory, the tobacco stock had an estimated value of more than 82.980 Danish kroner (EURO 11,000) in 1898 which exceeded…


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Royal Danish Cigars Special Blend, Danish West Indies, Queens 1 Gold
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